Cooked Rice 

We carefully select old rice from the previous year, in which we place it into a shaker, using only the large, unbroken grains.  

With enough water, a delicious bite is what we keep in mind. 


To keep the original flavors, we choose to keep the use of seasonings to a minimum. 

Valuing the four seasons, we try to create courses that show the Japanese feeling of the seasons.

Sodium (Salt content) 

We keep the entire course flavors in mind in order to avoid  discomfort after a meal and feeling bloated the next day.   

Tableware・Drinking vessel

With contemporary artists as the centerpiece, pottery, glass, lacquerware, porcelain and many other works are used.

Original containers, drinking vessels and more are also used a lot.  

Chef’s choice course

Chef’s choice  With tax 25,000 Yen per person (Not including service cost) 

Reservation form

Disclaimer note

■Guide for visiting this store・request

※We request payments to be completed with cash. We appreciate your understanding.  

※We ask that you refrain from applying perfume or fragrance with a strong scent to avoid disturbing the other customers.

※Please refrain from coming to the store unless you are the person who made the reservation.

※Please keep your phones on manner mode (Silent mode) and camera flash off. When recording, try not to include the other customers in the film. 

※Please refrain from temporarily leaving your table to smoke. 

Store Information

Sushi   Takahashi Kentaro  

Sun System Gastro Plaza 2nd floor, 4-7-7 Nishitenma, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture

Irregular holidays


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